Anita Garibaldi [IT-ENG]


Jacopo Jenna for SelfPleasurePublishing, 2016. Photo: Caterina Riva at RIVIERA 

In my inbox there’s an email that begins with “Dear Caterina,” but the rest of which is clearly a cut and paste job from the board of yet another art institution, thanking me for the time I have spent preparing my application but telling me that they have chosen another candidate.

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Realpolitik [IT-ENG]


Luc Besson, Leon, 1994, film still

Paris, August 2016

I get out of the metro at Belleville, I find the usual hecticness and racial mix, I look for the exit on the boulevard and on the stairs I glance at Catherine David, with a Cleopatra-like makeup that enhances her dark eyes and contrasts with her white complexion.

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Just Human


Janet Lilo, Engagement, video still, 2013

September 2015

Dear Janet,

The last time we met in person was November 2014. You were in France on a site visit for an exhibition project and I came from Italy to see you.

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IMG_5074 copy

Renato Leotta, image from Favignana, 2016

The first night he got on the island, after a bumpy ferry ride, the stars were bright overhead and he felt like being out of time but also gently alive. Continue reading:                                   Caterina Riva, 2016

Published in Renato Leotta’s Aventura, Aventura, Peripezia published by Madragoa, Lisbon


Les Limbes [EN-FR]


Exhibition view of Les Limbes at La Galerie, Noisy-le-Sec, Photo: Pierre Antoine, 2016

How do you keep something current?

How can you keep something alive that became part of you in a specific place, at a specific time, with someone specific?

How can this private feeling become public and meaningful to other people, people you have never met, people you have just met, people you will eventually meet?

Caterina Riva, 2016

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It’s not for reading, it’s for making, 2009. Collection of legs by Hans-Peter Feldmann

Dear FormContent,

How are you?

We have been separated for quite some time but I loved you very much in your infancy and cared for you when you had a name, a home in London (moving from an arch on Brick Road to a studio complex in crane infested Dalston that was gearing up for the Olympics) but you were still growing up and deciding what you wanted to become. It was a playful phase, full of experiments and people and it entailed quite a bit of travelling too.




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Stressed Environment [IT]


Davide Savorani, Stressed environment, 2016. Installation at Marselleria, Courtesy the artist and Marselleria.

La tua palestra di riferimento e’ Technogym.
Ti piacciono le serie in streaming, le guardi in lingua originale.
Mangi un sacco di banane: ce ne sono dappertutto, nella tua cucina, abbandonate in giro nel tuo studio, hanno la buccia nera come se fossero dei fossili del paleozoico.
Sei arrabbiato. Sei catatonica. Che noia!
Leggi David Foster Wallace, e’ una lettura lenta, impegnativa. I paragrafi devono essere letti e riletti. Mi sento stupida la maggior parte del tempo.

La routine ti spaventa ma ne sei prigioniero. Quante volte hai controllato Instagram oggi? Hai voglia di mettere qualcosa sotto i denti. Non hai voglia di uscire ma hai promesso a F. che sarai a quella inaugurazione. In realtà hai voglia di Tinder. Pensi a quello dell’altra volta e la mano ti scivola giù tra i pantaloni.

Il dinamismo e’ la tua caratteristica, la persegui nei tuoi disegni, nelle coreografie che immagini, nei fili che tirano idee e sculture, ci sono dei personaggi futuribili fatti in materiale plastico, sono personaggi che vivono nella tua galassia. Si esercitano in una palestra o in un parco pubblico, hanno desiderio di mettere un po’ d’olio sui muscoli del cuore.

Caterina Riva, 2016

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