2020-2022: MACTE Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Termoli
L’esca (The bait) works from a private collection
Le 3 ecologie: Matilde Cassani, Piero Gilardi, Karrabing Film Collective, Len Lye, Jumana Manna, Jonatah Manno, Silvia Mariotti, Francis Offman, Francesco Simeti, Nicola Toffolini, Micha Zweifel
Lisetta Carmi Voci allegre nel buio
62 Premio Termoli
MACTE Digital
2017-19 : Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore | LASALLE

Bachelorette Machines: Goh Abigail,  Debbie Ding, Vanessa Lim, Victoria Tan

Diego Marcon: Ludwig

Sim Chi Yin: Most people were silent

head heap heat: Madison Bycroft, Haffendi Anuar, Lawrence Lek, Yola Yulfianti

Big Towers: Joanna Piotrowska, Francesco Simeti, Bedwyr Williams

2016 : International Curator Residency

Les Limbes group exhibition with artists Alicia Frankovich, Flora Hauser, Renato Leotta, Felix Melia and Tahi Moore at La Galerie Centre d’Art Contemporain, Noisy-le-Sec, Paris

Curator of RIVIERA Bookshop, Istituto Svizzero di Milano

2015 : Assistant Curator: Istituto Svizzero di Roma

Tobias Kaspar, The Street (Est1863)
Performance Proletarians a project by Benjamin Valenza and Lili Reynaud Dewar
ABC BAU: From Transmission to Performance, a research project with Corinne Diserens, Xavier Le Roy, Christophe Wavelet, Manon De Boer, Latifa Laabissi, Thea Djordjadze

2014 – 2011 : Director and Curator of ARTSPACE, Auckland, New Zealand

James Beckett, Dowsing Schools: Preliminary  Findings and Corresponding Survey Kit; g. bridle the Retreat: Flight Forward

Peter Friedl, The Dramatist

Andrew Kennedy, Blaine Western, a hollow action, a room held together with letters

Jorge Satorre, Emic Etic?

Tahi Moore, AUTONOIR

Goldin+Senneby, M&A

George Egerton Warburton, Steaming Ties

New Artists Show: Drinking from the fire hose

Karin Hofko, Ella Sutherland, Lance Pearce, Shannon Te Ao and Iain Frengley, curated with Alex Davidson

Steinberg, Saul. The New Yorker. New York, 1945-2000. (Harold, William, Robert, Tina, David, Eds.), curated with Robert Snowden and Scott Ponik from Yale Union, Portland (OR)

Hop Scotch: Kim Pieters, Anoushka Akel

Rambler’s Association: Maria Taniguchi, Adam Avikainen

Every cloud has a silver lining: Artspace 25th

Occasionalist: a residency and collaborative exhibition by rice and beans

Sudden gestures or noises: Ed Atkins, Sean Grattan, Charlie Sofo

Test Transmission: General Idea, Patricia Dauder, Tobias Kaspar

2011 – 2007 : Founder, Curator and Co-director of FormContent, London

Onsite projects

Benjamin Valenza, The Ephemeral Cosmogony

Have a Look! Have a Look!

Three by 3

Foreign Correspondent, Aoife Collins, Maria Taniguchi and Signals

It’s not for reading. It’s for making

The Show will be Titled after its End, Athanasios Argianas, Steven Claydon, Kit Craig, Ruth  Höflich, Oliver Robb, Martin Fletcher, Nick Laessing, Rowena Hughes, Emily Wardill, Nathan Parker

The shortest short-story ever written,… Patrizio Di Massimo, Justin Gainan and Steve Van den  Bosch

YOUR RAMP MY SLIDE, Michael Dean, Maria Karantzi, Christodoulos Panayiotou

As It Screams Just Please Love Me, with Sven Augustijnen, Michael Fliri, Jacopo Miliani, Nico Vascellari, Santiago Mostyn, Richard T. Walker, Deborah Ligorio

Offsite projects

Session_15_Press release, at BolteLang, Zürich

The Responsive Subject with João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva, Ian Kiaer, Guy Mees, Gyan Panchal, MuZee, Ostende, Belgium

The Plurality of One with Jesse Ash, Ed Atkins, Adam Avikainen and Maria Loboda at Monitor, Rome

I giovani che visitano le nostre rovine non vi vedono che uno stile,GAM Turin, Italy

The Filmic Conventions, Zoo Art Fair

Every story happens twice, first as an event and then as representation of the event, Zoo Art Fair

2008 – 2005 : Coordinator of the Advanced Course in Visual Arts, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como.

Public Improvisations with Yona Friedman; Invisible Miracles with Joan Jonas; Fragmented City with Marjetica Potrc; The Aesthetics of Resistance with Alfredo Jaar

Selected Freelance projects

Editor with Frida Carazzato of Davide Savorani’s Argh! published by bruno

Visiting Curator at P.I.A., Lecce

Prossimita’ di spazi e tempi, multidisciplinary workshop delevloped for Careof, Milano

Video selection for Zero Labour Zero, a live streaming platform by Benjamin Valenza, Marseille

Davide Savorani Stressed Environment, Marsèlleria, Milano

Xin Cheng Fabric Form at Sprint, O’ Artoteca, Milano

Tahi Moore Non pas La Forteresse at La Salle des Bains, Lyon The Post Project with Hannah Mathews, ACCA, Melbourne, Australia

JUMP CUT: Dialectic Dream at The Barber Shop, Lisbon

Pablo Bronstein’s Phèdre, Artissima Theatre, Teatro Carignano, Turin, Italy

Salvatore Arancio Sentinel at Kaleidoscope HQ, Milan

Three Minutes, a project on Henri Chopin, co-curated with Bart van der Heide and Tris Vonna-Michell,Cubitt, London

Art Cannot be Untaught at La Rada, Locarno, Switzerland

Selected Workshops

Curatorial Module with Catalina Lozano, Sean Lynch, Michele Horrigan at Tabakalera, San Sebastian/Donostia

What is an exhibition? What is a turn? What is a School? with Mick Wilson and Paul O’Neill, VAC, Moscow

On Research III, The Anthropocene Project, HKW, Berlin

Real Players 6th Berlin Biennale, Berlin and Warsaw

Curatorial Residencies

CCS, Bard College 2019; La Galerie Noisy Le Sec, 2016; Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Paris, France (Fluxus Grant); Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne, Australia

University lectures

Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo, di Roma, di Milano, Universita’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milano, Universita’ degli Studi di Macerata

Selected Talks:

Giornata della Critica d’Arte Contemporanea, mambo Bologna, 2022

Clandestine Talks at MUDAM for the project Thinking Head by Lara Favaretto

Public Talk (online) Curatorial School of the Jewish Museum 2021, Moscow, invited by Natalia Fuchs

The marine curator, the algorithm curator and the art curator. Jabre Lecture series in Art History and Curating, American University of Beirut 2018

SCAD, Hong Kong,  2017


Italian translation of Andrea Phillips’ essay on meritocracy for Kabul

Staying Alive: Some thoughts on private funding for small scale arts organizations in New Zealand, published by Artspace

The Language of Things at the Showroom, London with Joshua Simon, Julia Moritz, Dr Andrea Phillips and Luigi Fassi.


essay commissioned by Textwork

Contribution to the book Archivi Esposti Teorie e pratiche dell’arte contemporanea a cura di M.Maiorino, M.G. Mancini, F. Zanella, Quodlibet, 2022

in print and online for:, A Dance Mag, kabul magazine, frieze, Mousse, Flash Art, Kaleidoscope, Nero, Cura, T-A-X-I, Criticism, Catalogue, Forget Them, Kunstbulletin, L’Officiel, un magazine, Stamm, Seismopolite, Contemporary HUM, art news and Art New Zealand and others