Speakers Notes by Gemma Kearney

gk_smoothspace copy

Gemma Kearney, smooth space, 2018.

There’s inertia here

A land for our speaker

Linguistic familiarity at gun point

A wonderful retribution to take that language and 

brutalize it

Better at it then those who forced it upon others

A tipsy topsy turvy way of saying things 

An abuse of language 

A lot of onomatopoeia goin on


No happiness without a whole lot of cynicism 

The stinking mud heaps

Anything is possible if you organize, agitate and 

build a movement

Your body and mind wouldn’t be well, he said

Throws you into a different gear

Forget about the art bit,

                     then what’s left there

Cascading logic fails


hit the nail nail nail nail nail nail nail

and another one and another one


Arts not democratic 

An overly emotional friend

Little rocket noises 


The punishing banality of white collar crime

I didn’t know I was holding my breath 

Even in her youth a confident person 


Great big messers

Everybody playing the one note

I felt odd alongside you


It takes more than economic discipline to run a 

city there are other operating systems that need 

to be considered.


“We are marked politically”, was said

No time for abstraction

No time for the poetic 

Get a move on


She has nothing to say with words


The sudden joinery and sunken walls

I picked up 30 tonne of rock

I need about 30 tonne more


On to the drawings and part of the construction

The builder the architect and the engineer 

setting the agenda 

Emanating from a history from a past


Filling it with concrete

Feeling it through concrete 

When the garden grows up

If that’s how you feel then go wan ahead and leave


Gemma is an artist in Singapore and Speakers Notes is a printed document you can get here 



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